17 May, 2020

Contradictions of this life reflected by a pile of garbage in front of a wall with "La Vita e Bella" written on it.
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash


Reflections on this life.

Life is short and on
other days, life is long.
Around me, the world shines green, birds play their music
and far away the brown river offers up corpses,
half-burnt, along its shore.
Today is sweet, with meeting friends,
considering new opportunities,
and tomorrow is on fire,
too hot to grow food.
We’re thriving and dying at the same time.
I smile with tears. I cry with laughter.
It all happens together,
awhirl with stupidity and kindness,
mean joy and loving misery.
Impossible to separate the goodies
from the baddies anymore.
It always was, it never will be.
What to do?
Roll with it, I suppose.
Flow through time, keep trying and
just don’t stop.

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