17 August, 2020

My photo of jasmine climbing the lilly pilly tree against the blue sky.


lilly pilly, sky

Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky,
through the glass,
swaying from one foot to another,
a lazy, winter dance,
pink, green, white on blue
and quiet,
nothing else in my mind.
Then a lonely thought –
can I be too much here
and too much now?
Am I too much Zen,
too much empty head?
This perfect moment,
this bliss is fine,
but when it ends
the nothing is too long,
too vast and
there’s too much going on out there.
I shut my mind from the noise,
now what?
I’m happy but cut off,
watching from inside,
the silent, pointless dance:
jasmine, lilly pilly, sky.

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