The Uneasiness of Trees

25 Nov, 2020 The Uneasiness of Trees Around me  the leaves drip with oppressive, intermittent,  unanswered questions. For a moment cool air sweeps aside the heavy, green curtain of impending summer. In the distance inaudible chainsaws obscure this  aesthetic perfection. Birds attempt  to defy the gloom. They do not convince the dim, white sky. The …

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A New Day

9 Nov, 2020 A New Day What if? What if I woke up and the nightmares were over?If I could turn on the news just to hear about a car accident,my heart would float away with the clouds.What if all the baseless hate melted into the soilto be transformed by micro-organisms, watered by rain,warmed by …

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Under the ocean

Ocean Life

28 Oct, 2020 Ocean Life An aquatic poem. I dive in the sea away from TVto escape the sharkswho want to consume meto be in currentswhich pull me outthen deliver me into bring to my mindthat life is a cyclea washing machinealways tumblingdownside upspinning aroundwhere’s the seabed? when beaches erodewe pile up sandbagsfor future stormswho knows …

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16 Oct, 2020 Holding When I took flight it was not with wings in the sky; my fatal mistake was to escape across the seas. I had no choice, but that was beside the point; you used me as your villain in the news. You surrendered my life as a lesson to the rest. You …

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We Want to Live

11 Oct, 2020 We Want to Live If you’re not fearful right now, you’re not paying attention, but is that the best way to be? It’s very appealing to me sometimes to avert my eyes, to switch the news feed off, to clean my own house, to breathe my sweet air, to swim in my …

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A ferris wheel apparently spinning out of control

Out of Control

5 Oct, 2020 Out of Control This year the day is today and I can’t remember yesterday or tomorrow. Last year things felt more connected, as if actions had an effect on outcomes. This year I feel trapped in a hamster wheel, where nothing can really matter or happen. Next year I can’t begin to …

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28 August, 2020 Food It consumes me, as I consume it. What is in it, where does it come from, how and when was it made? Who was exploited and what was killed to bring it to my plate? Squinting at labels, weighing the options, shopping’s a thorny operation. Country of origin, carbs, proteins, carbon …

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Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky

17 August, 2020 Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky,through the glass,swaying from one foot to another,a lazy, winter dance,pink, green, white on blueand quiet,nothing else in my mind.Then a lonely thought –can I be too much hereand too much now?Am I too much Zen,too much empty head?This perfect moment,this bliss is fine,but when …

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The Seesaw is Okay

28 July 2020 The Seesaw is Okay overwhelmed by nothing but the seesaw of lifeit’s not important, remember, nothing isI’m alive, that is allwhether it works or it doesn’t, it just is, or maybe not,I keep breathingI fall down, I lift up, I find balance for a momentit never lastsit’s okayI live as I think I should, …

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