15 July, 2021 Necessary After basic needs are met, more tricksy ones jump into viewand out again, like faces in dreams, morphing,difficult to pin.Challenge is conflict, peace is problematic andbalance is complicated.Time is a two-edged dagger and thoughts always orbitaround the same old sun.The metaphors mix as my life fails to fall neatly intoiambic pentameter.Everything …

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Gas flame

Gas Relapse

Jun 1, 2021 Gas Relapse gas is the opposite of recoverygas transitions to nowheregas adds fuel to the firegas subtracts from the futuregas distracts from the missed opportunity gas is a hot air deceptionto fill balloon headsthat drift away from realityas the looming choice remainsface facts now and change it allinvent an entirely different worldlive within …

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Contradiction depicted by a pile of garbage in front of the words, "La Vita e Bella"


17 May, 2020 Contradiction Reflections on this life. Life is short and on other days, life is long. Around me, the world shines green, birds play their music and far away the brown river offers up corpses, half-burnt, along its shore. Today is sweet, with meeting friends, considering new opportunities, and tomorrow is on fire, …

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Little Hands

21 March, 2021 Little Hands One time I went bowlingbecause I was boredand it was okay,and I did okay, with my small ballfor my small hand,but I decided to trythe large ball for large handsand suddenlyI found the powerto launch like a rocketstraight down the lane,flinging pins on their backs,like someone in chargeof her destiny.I …

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Summer Happy

10 Dec, 2020 Summer Happy Never mind how thorny things get,that this tricky year never ends,I’m sorry for everyone in the north,but I’m happy because it’s summer. No more spring bite in the night,no call to ever wear socks. Autumn is still a decade away.I’m happy because it’s summer. You may say it shouldn’t be so …

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The Uneasiness of Trees

25 Nov, 2020 The Uneasiness of Trees Around me  the leaves drip with oppressive, intermittent,  unanswered questions. For a moment cool air sweeps aside the heavy, green curtain of impending summer. In the distance inaudible chainsaws obscure this  aesthetic perfection. Birds attempt  to defy the gloom. They do not convince the dim, white sky. The …

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A New Day

9 Nov, 2020 A New Day What if? What if I woke up and the nightmares were over?If I could turn on the news just to hear about a car accident,my heart would float away with the clouds.What if all the baseless hate melted into the soilto be transformed by micro-organisms, watered by rain,warmed by …

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Under the ocean

Ocean Life

28 Oct, 2020 Ocean Life An aquatic poem. I dive in the sea away from TVto escape the sharkswho want to consume meto be in currentswhich pull me outthen deliver me into bring to my mindthat life is a cyclea washing machinealways tumblingdownside upspinning aroundwhere’s the seabed? when beaches erodewe pile up sandbagsfor future stormswho knows …

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16 Oct, 2020 Holding When I took flight it was not with wings in the sky; my fatal mistake was to escape across the seas. I had no choice, but that was beside the point; you used me as your villain in the news. You surrendered my life as a lesson to the rest. You …

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We Want to Live

11 Oct, 2020 We Want to Live If you’re not fearful right now, you’re not paying attention, but is that the best way to be? It’s very appealing to me sometimes to avert my eyes, to switch the news feed off, to clean my own house, to breathe my sweet air, to swim in my …

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