A ferris wheel apparently spinning out of control

Out of Control

5 Oct, 2020 Out of Control This year the day is today and I can’t remember yesterday or tomorrow. Last year things felt more connected, as if actions had an effect on outcomes. This year I feel trapped in a hamster wheel, where nothing can really matter or happen. Next year I can’t begin to …

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28 August, 2020 Food It consumes me, as I consume it. What is in it, where does it come from, how and when was it made? Who was exploited and what was killed to bring it to my plate? Squinting at labels, weighing the options, shopping’s a thorny operation. Country of origin, carbs, proteins, carbon …

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Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky

17 August, 2020 Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky Jasmine, lilly pilly, sky,through the glass,swaying from one foot to another,a lazy, winter dance,pink, green, white on blueand quiet,nothing else in my mind.Then a lonely thought –can I be too much hereand too much now?Am I too much Zen,too much empty head?This perfect moment,this bliss is fine,but when …

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The Seesaw is Okay

28 July 2020 The Seesaw is Okay overwhelmed by nothing but the seesaw of lifeit’s not important, remember, nothing isI’m alive, that is allwhether it works or it doesn’t, it just is, or maybe not,I keep breathingI fall down, I lift up, I find balance for a momentit never lastsit’s okayI live as I think I should, …

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