11 Oct, 2020

We Want to Live

If you’re not fearful right now,
you’re not paying attention,
but is that the best way to be?
It’s very appealing to me
sometimes to avert my eyes,
to switch the news feed off,
to clean my own house,
to breathe my sweet air,
to swim in my clear water,
to hope the poor decisions
of all the selfish politicians
never come to fruition
and burst my lucky bubble.

I wish, but the problem is
I know hope is not enough
and prayers will never cut it.
Who will stop the insanity
if not you and I?
Although it’s easy to feel
helpless against stupidity,
surely, if we don’t give up,
one day we must be understood;
we don’t want to steal jobs,
we don’t want to control minds,
we don’t want to live in caves,
we only want to stay alive.

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