9 Nov, 2020

A new day dawning
Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

A New Day

What if?

What if I woke up and the nightmares were over?
If I could turn on the news just to hear about a car accident,
my heart would float away with the clouds.
What if all the baseless hate melted into the soil
to be transformed by micro-organisms, watered by rain,
warmed by dawn, until it grew into a radiant love which
stretched tall, reaching for the sky like a sunflower.
What if you saw the flower and gasped, remembering
the first time you noticed the beauty of existence,
when you were a child and you knew what was true.
What if the light of sunrise spread across the world, turning
everything gold and pink for a minute or two, enough
time to remind us to open our eyes and our minds

to reality, which is not hidden in screens but out there.
What if we could learn from the life of our magnificent Earth
that everything is connected and that this is all there is.

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