21 March, 2021

Little Hands

One time I went bowling
because I was bored
and it was okay,
and I did okay, with my small ball
for my small hand,
but I decided to try
the large ball for large hands
and suddenly
I found the power
to launch like a rocket

straight down the lane,
flinging pins on their backs,
like someone in charge
of her destiny.
I thought about tools
like useless, pink mini-hammers,
and how they are made, by whom,
and what they assume.

I wondered what would happen
if everyone had equal access
from the moment of birth
to all this world can offer.

Let little hands be strong
if that’s how they want to be.
Let big hands be soft and pretty too.
We can launch down our lanes
however we choose.
The end will be the same,
but the way is our own.

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