Would you kill this bird?

18 August, 2021 Would You Kill This Bird? How about the entire species? Last year, multinational conglomerate Adani changed the name of its Australian mining operation to “Bravus”, which they believed was Latin for “brave”. Turns out the word actually means “crooked” or “mercenary”. Just saying. Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland is an appalling project for so …

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Gas flame

Gas Relapse

Jun 1, 2021 Gas Relapse gas is the opposite of recoverygas transitions to nowheregas adds fuel to the firegas subtracts from the futuregas distracts from the missed opportunity gas is a hot air deceptionto fill balloon headsthat drift away from realityas the looming choice remainsface facts now and change it allinvent an entirely different worldlive within …

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Little Hands

21 March, 2021 Little Hands One time I went bowlingbecause I was boredand it was okay,and I did okay, with my small ballfor my small hand,but I decided to trythe large ball for large handsand suddenlyI found the powerto launch like a rocketstraight down the lane,flinging pins on their backs,like someone in chargeof her destiny.I …

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Travelling backwards

17 Sept, 2020 Travelling backwards Reflections on an outback road trip I’ve just returned from ten days in outback New South Wales. Typically for Australian road trips, this involved many hours of listening to AM radio while observing the landscape slowly evolve through different climate zones. Although I felt very fortunate to drive anywhere during …

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The new rules

12 Jun 2020 The New Rules Our world is changing, Karen. Change is difficult. Change is scary. Change is inevitable and necessary. Society’s rulebook is now in the midst of a major rewrite, and that is a good thing. Someday we might reach the other side as better humans on a better planet. Some of …

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